Life Without Passion is Unforgivable

"Life without passion is unforgivable"...I saw this sign hanging at a local farm-stand today while "farm hopping" to get out of the house during our home renovation. It resonated with me. Mostly because we have been talking about starting this blog since May, when Patrick made the decision to leave the kitchen of a 200 acre farm as an executive chef in order to be home  more with our growing family. Chef hours are not for the early bird or faint of heart. I couldn't imagine doing it, standing on my feet with the insane pressure of each plate going out to people who are expecting their meal to "live up to the hype". Tickets hitting the floor and food going to the passe as your stomach grumbles, because despite being around food all day, you haven't had a chance to eat. Sounds glorious, huh? Well for Patrick it's what made him tick. The rush and creativity made him do it day after day despite the crazy hours. Nights and weekends off were impossible as that is when most people are out dining. The only explanation for this self induced abuse? Passion. Patrick is undeniably the most passionate person I have EVER met. Whether it be educating himself on wine, or learning how to garden organically, he is all in. Every fiber of his being.

I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Whether it be a painting, writing music or stapling countless pieces of construction paper together to make "magazines" at age 12, it is what I love. There is something to be said about the end result of seeing a thought in tangible form. Something that you envisioned and now you can share with the world. That's what "Digging for Roots" is for me. Passion of creating something beautiful and unique. 

We are taking that fire for life and pouring it into this blog. We want to share our passions with anyone willing to listen, or I guess read in this case. We are taking the time to teach our children that there is more to life than iPhones and keeping up with the Jones's. We aim to give them a sense of identity in a world where everyone is the same. Who knows, maybe they will think making fettuccine by hand is boring, or cleaning the chicken coop is "for the birds" (ha, see what I did there?). One thing is for sure though; they will never forget it. It will be a part of who they are, a part of their history. I hope that they see our passion and pour it into all that they do. 

Photo of Patrick courtesy of Betty Liu of Betty Liu Photography