Goat Butter Cookies with Acorn Flour & Hickory Nuts

I have been addicted to shortbread cookies for as long as I can remember. I used to hide in the corner and eat like half of a container when I was a kid. You know, the ones that you can buy at your local drugstore that came in a round tin can?. I used to eat them, one by one, trying to figure out what made them so damn good. Butter. Butter and salt to be exact. I've been thinking about how much character goat butter has and I figured, what better way to let it shine, than to make a butter based cookie?  You can find all sorts of goat butter online. It's definitely not cheap, but it has a certain character to it that I feel is worth the money. Its expensive because goat milk, unlike cow milk, is naturally homogenized. This means the cream doesn’t separate as easily to the top of the milk. Eventually the cream will rise to the top if the milk is left undisturbed for a few days, but the yield is small and it’s a tedious process. We totally plan on making our own goat butter this spring, when we visit our long time friend Donna Lee at hickory nut farm. Speaking of hickory nuts, we have a bunch that were gathered and processed last fall. We figured those would be the perfect compliment to the flavor of the butter in this recipe. 

We scored some acorn flour that is milled in neighboring Vermont. It has a slight earthy bitterness to it that we really thought would be great in these cookies. We added just a touch to give the dough some body. The results were killer! We ended up with a cookie that showed off the butter with a unique flavor from the acorns in the backround.  You can source the acorn flour here.

Although this acorn flour is naturally gluten free, we used all purpose flour in the recipe to keep the ''crumb'' of the cookie similar to a shortbread. We have some friends of ours that make a living out of wild edibles in the forest and we got some really nice hickory nuts off from them. Hickory nuts have a flavor comparable to a pecan, but i would consider them richer in flavor. They are a pain in the ass to process to say the least, but if you have some time, patience and a pair of tweezers, they are most worthy of the process. 

Overall, this recipe started with the idea of making a cookie, that was simple and full of the delicate flavors of goat butter & acorns. It is a simple cookie with a crumbly structure and a satisfying earthiness. 

Get the recipe here